The Reason for Feeling Tired Not Related to Sleep

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Are you feeling tired, stressed, and fatigued, but are sleeping an adequate amount?

HuffPo spoke to experts who say a possible reason for feeling so sluggish even when you are properly sleeping could be trauma, and they point to the uncertainty, loss, and extreme stress the COVID-19 pandemic has caused everyone as the root of the issue.

The experts say "a year-plus of chronic stress and trauma can take a massive toll on our health" and this may include issues with your immune system and circadian rhythm, which lead to serious fatigue.

Clinical psychologist Sarah Lowe from Yale explains the hardships of the last year have "chronically activated" our body's stress system, which can cause the body to create an excess about of energy that is used to combat mental and physical stressors. "The body goes into survivor mode, and without time to recover, this can deplete our energy reserves," HuffPo notes, explaining this can cause someone to feel tired even though you may be sleeping enough.

Also, the uncertainty of the future and adjusting to the return to normal life (though it may seem like a positive change) requires many people to make major changes and navigate new situations -- all of which can affect the body and our energy levels.

To avoid feeling fatigue, HuffPo's experts suggest easing back out into the world and avoid packing your schedule with all the activities we have not been able to do for the last year

“Try to take it slow and have compassion for oneself that these positive experiences might be taxing, and make space for rest and recovery,” Lowe says. Adding, "Start small and make small changes that bring joy in your life.”

Also, make sure to schedule plenty of self-care into your day with things like exercise, spending time with loved ones, and partaking in activities you enjoy. (Need some self-care tips? The Doctors have you covered!)

As always, if you are dealing with fatigue that is taking a toll on your relationships, work, school, or home life, please seek guidance from a mental health professional.

And if sleep is your issue, The Doctors have 4 tips -- that anyone can follow -- which can help you feel more rested and get better quality sleep!

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