The Health Secrets of a 100-Year-Old Woman

Playing 100-Year-Old Woman Shares Her Health Secrets

The Doctors are joined by Lillian, who is 100 years old, to share her health secrets to living a long and healthy life.

Lillian feels that she was blessed with good genes, and also benefits from eating right (most of the time, she likes to indulge on occasion) and also getting plenty of exercise.

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"I think it's keeping a positive attitude, that's what is very important. If you're positive, you have a better chance of getting along in life," She tells us, explaining that her 99-year-old boyfriend Eddie, who she has been with for 25 years, has been a "blessing." "[He] keeps me active. I like to go an do things, and he helps."

Lillian's daily exercise routine consists of stretching and spending time on her stationary bike anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Also once a week, she does strength training, including leg presses and weight lighting. She's an avid bowler as well.

Rayanne, Lillian's 70-year-old daughter, says her mom keeps her mind active too, and she loves using her smartphone to play online word games and is a fan of texting. She also enjoys puzzles and playing bridge weekly.

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"Age is just number," Lillian tells The Doctors.

And though she admits to having junk food on occasion, she says she enjoys cooking and still prepares her and Eddie's meals. One of her favorite dishes is this 3-bean salad:

  • Start with 2 packets of sweetener or stevia and ¾ of an inch of white vinegar in a container
  • Important to remember: make sure to wash and clean the beans out of the can before mixing them in 
  • Once cleaned, add 1 can of garbanzo beans and 1 can of red kidney beans to the container
  • Next, add 1 can of cut green beans to the container as well
  • Close the lid tight and keep the container in the fridge overnight
  • Then when you’re ready to eat your regular salad for lunch the next day, it doesn’t matter what kind of salad, bring out the container of beans and add this on top of the salad you’re eating!
  • For the dressing, use olive oil and lemon juice. And for kicks, it’s nice to add a little sweet onion too!


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