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The Doctors' Word Power Book Club is here! 

Find out what we're reading this month: January's Word Power Book Club Picks! 

Dr. Ian wants to challenge you to read at least one book a month. Why? Here are the the top three reasons why reading is beneficial to your health.

Reading Reduces Stress 

  • When you read, you're distracting yourself from life's daily stressors. It doesn't matter what you read as long as it's enjoyable. 

Reading Helps Strengthen Your Brain 

  • Researchers have confirmed from looking at MRI scans that reading involves a network of circuits and signals in the brain, which get stronger the more you read. 

Reading Helps Prevent Age-Related Cognitive Decline 

  • The National Institute On Aging actually recommends reading as a way of keeping your mind engaged. Studies show that Seniors who read maintain and improve cognitive functioning. And, the earlier you start, the more it will help! 

So, get cozy and pick up a book - your brain will thank you! To chat about any of The Doctors Word Power Book Club Picks, join our facebook group! Wanna know what you missed last month? Check out December's picks here.