The Cancer-Fighting Foods You Should Be Eating!

Playing Are These Cancer-Fighting Foods on Your Radar?

The Doctors continue with our important mantra of “Let food be your medicine,” with “Cancer-Free with Food” author Liana Werner-Gray.

She shares what she considers to be her 3 top cancer-fighting foods, noting that eating healthy does not have to be bland or boring. She teamed up with medical professionals and cancer experts to ensure her recipes were both healthy, great-tasting and cancer-fighting.

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Her 3 top cancer-fighting foods are:

  • Broccoli sprouts: which are high in sulforaphane, which she says have been shown to reduce tumors and killing cancer cells
  • Sunflower seeds: Liana says studies have shown women who eat these seeds have been shown to have a lower risk for breast cancer
  • Cacao powder: the author says the powder, which is chocolate in its purest form, has anti-cancer activities

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Get the recipe for Liana’s chocolate cancer-fighting smoothie, which has a hidden added vegetable, which she also says is cancer-fighting.


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