The Breast Cancer-Fighting Breakfast Food You Need

Playing Fending off Breast Cancer with Food

The Doctors are celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with breast Specialist Dr. Kristi Funk who shares a breakfast burrito that she says can help cut your breast cancer risk.

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The "Breasts: The Owners Manual" author shares her personal recipe for the "Breasturrito" She says all the ingredients pack a powerful anti-cancer punch, with immunity-boosting antioxidants, cancer-fighting soy in the form of tofu, and the turmeric and black pepper, which contains anti-inflammatory spice curcumin. Dr. Funk's breakfast burrito is also packed with cruciferous vegetables (spinach), which she says can seek out and destroy cancer cells and also help the body excrete excess estrogen in your urine.

Watch: Does Intermittent Fasting Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

Get the recipe for Dr. Funk's "Breasturrito" and more details on the Cancer-Kicking Summit April 2020!

Plus in the video below, Dr. Funk shares cooking tomatoes for 15 minutes helps release the cancer-fighter lycopene.


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