The 12 Days of 'Fitmas' Gifts to Get in Shape in the New Year


A new year is just around the corner and if your resolution is to work on your fitness, why not celebrate the 12 Days of "Fitmas" with The Doctors and these gifts great for staying active and helping you get in shape!


Fitness dice


No idea which workout to start with? No problem: The Fitness dice helps take out the guesswork and suggest workouts, number of repetitions, and time -- plus none of the moves require any equipment besides your own body weight. They are perfect for at-home workouts and traveling.


Bala Bangles


Step up that neighborhood walk and home workout: The Bala Bangles are adjustable weights, which can be used on your arms or ankles and increased by 1 pound increments. They are a great addition to your yoga, dance, barre, pilates, cardio, aerobics, and walking. Plus, they fit women, men, and even kids!




Create a gym at home: The TRX All-in-ONE Suspension Training: Bodyweight Resistance System provides full-body workouts at home, while traveling, and can be used outdoors. The all-in-one system -- great for beginners and advanced -- helps build muscle, burn fat, and improve cardio.


Yoga ball


Save your knees and feet!: Working out at home is a lot different than at the gym (and is usually lacking the needed equipment) like an exercise mat, yoga mat, or exercise ball.


tank top


Look great while breaking a sweat: Looking your best while stay fit does not have to cost a ton and we love Old Navy's Activewear for stylish and affordable workout clothes. Start the new year off in new leggings, a sports bra, and a graphic tank top.


face mask


Exercise safely: The Outdoor Active Life Face Masks can help keep you and others safe while exercising outdoors. The face masks have an extra breathable micro-filter layer and reflective strips, which are great for running or walking at night.


Fitness shoes


How old are your workout shoes?: Workout shoes should be changed every 6 to 8 months, and we're guessing the ones you are using are older than that. Treat yourself or a loved to a new pair of athletic shoes, we love Nike, New Balance, and Adidas all of which (and many more brands) are available at Dick's Sporting Goods.




Stay inspired with your socks!: Help motivate your next workout with Personalized Ankle Socks that you can customize with an inspirational or energizing message like "Keep moving!" "You got this!" or anything of your choosing.    


water bottle


Keep hydrated at home and on the go: A reusable water bottle is both great for the environment and will save you money. And if you have taken up jogging, a running belt (many come with a place to store water, phones, and keys) is vital to getting in a good workout.


balance board


Work out while working: Take your standing workspace to the next level with The Standing Desk Balance Board, which helps to engage your entire body, especially your core while working at your computer.


CBD spray


Soothe your sore muscles: This CBD Cooling Recovery Workout Spray is made with CBD, arnica, and botanicals to help to soothe muscles and stiff limbs. It also contains menthol and comfrey root for inflammation, plus calming essential oils with lavender.




Melt Muscle Tension: The Theragun Elite delivers powerful deep muscle treatment quieter to help ease your post-workout pain. The Theragun can also be used pre-workout and to also relieve tension and stress in the shoulders after a long day working.

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