Testing out Hair Hacks with POPSUGAR

Playing Hair Hacks Put To The Test!

POPSUGAR beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson tests out some hair products promising to give waves, curls and crimp to your hair. She had two testers join in and give these products a try as well. Kirbie shares her findings with The Doctors.

The first product Kirbie tried was a $20 hairdryer attachment promising to dry and curl at the same time. Kirbie says it looks wacky and plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon adds “It looks like a popcorn popper!” When you place your hair in it, it’s supposed to create a cyclone effect.

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Kirbie says it burned her ear and got really hot! Tester Candy agreed on that front. Candy says it overheated so much so that she had to keep stopping and restarting her blow dryer. Kirbie says she felt “it was just too much to handle” and says it didn’t even work to curl her hair.

The next hot tool was one that is supposed to create zig-zag curls. Kirbie says the 90s’ crimping hair trend is back. Kirbie says using this product made her look crazy and she stopped halfway through the tutorial. She adds that the product is expensive and at $220 it should do more than just crimp.

OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry said it seems like it’s easy to get tangled. Tester Sascheen says it actually did easily fit her hair in the slots but she would not use it for everyday use because her hair was crazier than she’d like. Both Sascheen and Kirbie say they’d use this tool maybe once a year, if that! Sascheen shares a before and after photo using the tool and Nita comments that her hair looked better in the before!

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The last product was a headband that claims to create curls – beachy waves if you take bigger sections and tendrils if you take smaller sections. You microwave it for 30 seconds and then tie it around your head, wrapping hair over and underneath it. You then leave it on for 30 minutes. Kirbie said she “didn’t hate it” but it made her hair a little frizzy and she couldn’t get the back of her hair to curl so she would need a curling iron anyway. After these tests, it seems curling irons are still the way to go!