The Teen Who Cares for His Mother Battling Multiple Sclerosis

Playing Meet Teen Who Takes Care of His Mom with MS

In America, it is estimated that more than 1 million teens are caregivers and The Doctors meet one family that is part of this startling statistic.

Mom Jennifer and son Jonathan's story was featured on HBO's "Vice News Tonight." Jennifer is dealing with multiple sclerosis and says she has good weeks and bad weeks and during the difficult times she needs help to do even the simplest things, like going to the bathroom and showering, which her son helps with. In addition to caring for his mother, Jonathan also cares for his younger brother and his grandmother.

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"I don't feel sad about this. I feel like this is a good thing to do," Jonathan says.

Joining The Doctors, Jennifer says of her son,"I have never been so proud in my entire life of my child. I'm the lucky one to have him as my child. He's an angel walking on this earth and I'm blessed to have him as my own."

We are also joined by Connie Siskowski of The American Association of Caregiving Youth who says that according to one study that 22 percent of kids who drop out of school did so to care for a loved one. Her organization works to provide resources and support for young caregivers.

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The Doctors are happy to surprise Jonathan -- a huge football fan -- with a special message from one of his favorite players Jakeem Grant of the Miami Dolphins, and tickets for his family to a Dolphins football game. Additionally, our friends at Adidas give Jonathan over $1000 worth of merchandise including cleats and clothing.

Also, The Doctors surprise the family with monthly care for 1 year from Home Care Assistance, in order for Jonathan to focus on school and playing football.