Take The Doctors #DropTheSugar Challenge!

Playing Join The Doctors 21-Day 'Drop the Sugar' Challenge

Do you need to cut sugar from your life and improve your health? Like Doctors' producer Justin (who dropped 30 pounds and improved his health) viewers Ashley and Devin are ready to go on a sugar detox!

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Ashley tells us she loves candy and feels like she is eating way too much of it. She worries it is affecting her skin and also worries about her family's history with diabetes. Devin admits to loving soda, sweet tea, cookies, cake and candy and wants to try and eliminate excess sugar from his diet.

Justin recommends Ashley and Devin go on a 21-day #DropTheSugar Challenge and suggests these tips in order to succeed:

  • Plan ahead - prep your food ahead of time in order to avoid eating sugar-filled items
  • Eliminate as much added sugar as possible from the foods you eat
  • Drink plenty of water and eliminate soda
  • Do not skip meals and eat balanced meals containing whole foods
  • Add healthy protein, fiber and fats to your meals
  • Do not eliminate carbs, eat complex versions
  • Have healthy snacks available to help with cravings between meals
  • Get enough sleep
  • More your body at least 3 times a week
  • Make fruit your new dessert

Nutritionist Keri Glassman notes that items like savory crackers, cereal, bread and even salad dressing can be loaded with excess and unneeded sugars. And for people who are nervous about the idea of eliminating sugar and having cravings, Keri explains once you begin replacing processed sugar with natural sugar, that your body will begin to stop craving sweet foods.

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To help with their sugar detox, Ashley and Devin each get a $500 gift card to Sprouts and nutritionist Juli Keene has agreed to work with them during their detox.

Follow along with The Doctors' Sugar Detox Challenge and share your progress with #DropTheSugar on social media! And for support, join our weight loss group on Facebook! You can share tips and tricks!


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