Sweet Treats That Will Save You a Cheat Day!

Playing Don't Feel Bad About Eating This Cookie Dough

Are you trying to eat healthy, but are still craving something sweet? We feel your pain!

Watch: Healthy Food Swaps for Kids with Keri Glassman

Celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman joins The Doctors to share three tasty recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth but will not sabotage your diet.



"What I love about all of these treats is that they are actually filled with nutrient-dense ingredients that are working for you," she says, explaining that all of the recipes are easy to make.

Watch: Kids Try Healthy Food Swaps with Keri Glassman

She shares recipes for her "Protein Cookie Dough," "No-Bake Matcha Coconut Bites," and "Vegan Cheesecake. She tells The Doctors that these treats are filled with nutritious things like protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, and Omega-3s.  

Get the recipes for Keri's sweet yet healthy indulgences, here!