Swap Cucumbers for Bread for a Low-Carb Sandwich

Playing Drs. Rx: Swap Your Sandwich Bread with Cucumbers

Sandwiches are a lunchtime staple, but if you are looking for some more low-carb options, The Doctors have a novel idea to swap out the bread for cucumber

Drs. Rx: Make Your Bread Healthier with Cauliflower!

First, peel the cucumber. Then, slice it in half horizontally and scoop out the inside. You can then fill that space with whatever sandwich fillings you'd like! The Doctors taste both a Mediterranian veggie sandwich and a turkey and cheese one, both on the cucumber slices. 

Using these cucumbers instead of traditional bread will save you roughly 150 calories.

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Cucumbers are very hydrating; Chiropractor expert Dr. Bryan Absolo says he usually throws them in his morning smoothies. Now, he can have cucumbers at lunchtime too! 

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