Sunscreen - Are You Storing It Correctly? Plus, How to Know When To Throw It Out!


Summer is here and The Doctors are reminding everyone about the importance of protecting your skin when out in the sun. But did you know there is a proper way to store sunscreen and keeping it in the wrong place can make it less effective?

Real Simple spoke to experts who revealed that leaving a bottle of sunscreen out in the sun is not ideal and stressed why it is important to store the protectant in a cool and dry place (and not your bathroom, where the humidity can cause mold to grow) if possible. RS notes, "Excessive heat and sunlight on a bottle of sunscreen will lead to a loss of effectiveness."

"Avoid exposing it to extreme heat or sun, like inside your car," clean cosmetic chemist Krupa Koestline explains. "If you're taking SPF with you to the beach or pool, store it in your bag and in the shade."

Ideally, you should be putting on sunscreen before you leave the house. Dermatologist Dr. Jeffy tells Real Simple, "I always recommend applying sunscreen indoors before going out, but if you need to keep it with you outdoors, wrap it in a towel and keep it in the shade or in a cooler."

Also, it is important to remember that sunscreen expires and it should not be used after the expiration date. If your bottle does not have a printed expiration date, it will be effective at full strength for 3 years, even after opening the bottle (assuming you properly store it). So, if you have a sunscreen bottle that has been sitting in a drawer for longer than you can remember and it does not have an expiration date, The Doctors suggest getting rid of it and buying a new sunscreen.

Signs that your sunscreen has degraded include texture or color changes. If the product becomes watery or if the color becomes darker, it is time to toss it.

And a friendly reminder about the importance of reapplying your sunscreen multiple times while outside. "Generally, you should be applying SPF so liberally that a bottle should be used up well before that three-year mark," the clean cosmetic chemist notes.

If you need a new bottle of sunscreen, The Doctors are here to help with our list of our favorite sunscreens that will help protect your skin!

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