Summer Vacation and Travel - What to Expect This Year

Summer vacation

After over a year of very little or no travel at all, you are likely looking to get out of your house and out of town, but what will summer travel and vacation look like this year?

According to health experts that Real Simple spoke with, there are many variables with the biggest being if you have been fully vaccinated or not. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine can dramatically change your summer travel plans and the CDC says once you are fully vaccinated you can:

  • Visit other vaccinated people inside without masks or distancing
  • Travel in the U.S. without a pre or post-travel COVID test
  • Travel in the U.S.  without quarantining after travel
  • Travel internationally without a pre-travel test depending on destination
  • Travel internationally without quarantining after travel

Some international destinations will require proof of vaccination to visit -- search international destination requirements by each country here.

Real Simple's health experts urge people looking to travel this year to consider the following:

- Plan a road trip - Less exposure to others outside of your household will reduce your risk for infection and piling into the car with your loved ones is likely safer than getting on a plane or train.

- Staying stateside and close by will likely be easier - International travel restrictions (and an increased risk for infection due to flying and time spent around more people) will make planning a trip abroad more difficult. If you are traveling internationally, you need to consider things like testing requirements, vaccination requirements, and the levels of infection in the area you are visiting. Real Simple even suggests planning travel within your home state or only traveling within a few hours of your home as the "safest bet."

- Pick destinations with plenty of outdoor options - Spending time outdoors is always safer when it comes to COVID risk and places like national parks, beaches, lakes, and camping will all be safer summer vacation options. Be sure to check local safety requirements for your destination and whether admission to places like national parks requires a reservation.

- Safety precautions are still important - All of the steps you have been taking when out in public in your hometown to remain safe (wearing a mask, distancing, avoiding large crowds, and washing/santizing your hands) will be vital as you travel.

- Flexibility will be important - The experts say to look for tickets, deposits, and bookings that allow you to cancel or to consider buying travel insurance. Also, it may be helpful to have a backup vacation plan in case your first destination choice turns out to not be an option.

The Doctors have even more COVID-related travel information, including what you need to know before getting on an airplane, here!

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