Stop Overeating with This Simple Restaurant Trick!

Playing Drs. Rx: Trick to Avoid Overeating When Dining Out

When you dine out, do you have the tendency to over-indulge?

In hopes of curbing your urge to overdo it, The Doctors share a simple trick that may help you cut down on eating too much. They recommend ordering a to-go bag before you even start eating your meal.

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According to a study, when people had a to-go bag before eating their meal they tended to not overeat, even when the participants' food portion size was increased. People in the study who did not have the to-go present during their meal were found to eat larger portions and had trouble controlling their overeating.

If you do not want to ask about a to-go bag, The Doctors suggest sharing an entree. Both of these restaurant hacks will help cut down on the amount of food you eat, as well as your bill.

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Also in the video above, find out what the panel thinks about the idea of giving yourself a pep talk before a meal. Could this also help with overeating?

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