Stinky Sneaker Solutions Put to the Test!

Playing How to Get Rid of Stinky Shoe and Sneaker Stench

Working out is great for your mind and body but there is one downside: stinky sneakers! No need to quit the gym though, The Doctors are testing out four hacks to eliminate that sneaker odor. Will they work?

Hack #1: Baking Soda
This is the internet's top tip. Sprinkle some baking powder into the shoes and let them sit overnight. The next morning, dump it out. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork smells the left shoe, which was untreated, and the right, which had baking soda in it the night before. "I'm a little disappointed. It didn't help that much. It still stinks!" Dr. Travis says.
Verdict: FAIL

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Hack #2: Fabric Softener Sheet
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon sniffs the untreated shoe which smells so bad it makes him cough! The one with the fabric softener in it? "So much better! It worked!"
Verdict: IT WORKS

Hack #3: Kitty Litter
OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landy explains kitty litter is a deodorizer and it absorbs moisture. Dump it in the shoe and leave overnight before removing the next day. Dr. Nita takes a sniff and says it works! Dr. Travis points out the downside of this is that is may be difficult to get all of that kitty litter out of the shoe.
Verdict: IT WORKS

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Hack #4: Freeze the Shoe
Dr. Travis tried this hack out using his own shoes. Put the stinky shoes in a plastic sealable bag and leave it in the freezer overnight to kill off the bacteria. Dr. Ordon gives it a sniff and says it's "Not bad!"
Verdict: IT WORKS

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