Squid Sperm Embedded in Woman's Mouth?

Playing Squid Sperm Sacks Found in Woman’s Gums?

The Doctors discuss a headline from the National Center for Biotechnology reading, "Woman Impregnated by Squid"! What the health?! No, this woman was not carrying the child of a squid but she did have squid sperm embedded in her mouth. The Doctors explain.

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This woman in Korea was eating squid and felt a prickling sensation. Doctors found a dozen squid sperm bags had been embedded in her tongue and mouth. The sperm-containing capsules belonged to a Japanese flying squid. The squid was parboiled, which did not kill off the sperm.

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If you're an adventurous eater, this is a warning to know the potential repercussions of eating this way! 

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