Spice up Yoga with Alcohol, Goats and Salt Vapors!

Playing Would You Try Drunk Yoga?

Is your traditional yoga class feeling a little boring? The Doctors take a look at some of the most creative and interesting approaches to the popular exercise.

Maybe drink or two will help you in your next yoga class? They discuss a class which takes palace in a bar, begins with a happy hour, and then transitions into a yoga class. The idea behind the creative approach is to have people exercise in a nonjudgmental environment and try out yoga without feeling intimidated. One possible concern is that the class has rules, one of them being if you lose your balance, then participants are required to take a drink. The Doctors question if drinking during class could affect someone's balance, calling it "a little counter-intuitive." But, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says that if it's possible to stick to one glass of wine in order to help you relax that he sees the possible benefits of this type of yoga class.

Or maybe you need some four-legged help during yoga? The Doctors discuss how a farm in Albany, Oregon offers “Goat Yoga” classes, where the animal balances on your body while you stretch.


Your downward dog and warrior pose might also be improved with the help of an 11-year-old! The Doctors met Tabay, the pre-teen who saw how life-changing yoga was for his mother during her battle with cancer and was ispired to get certified and is now the youngest yoga instructor in the country. He is the most popular instructor at his studio and inspires people of all ages to make yoga part of their daily lives.


There is even a type of yoga where you do not have to leave your chair to do it. Hear what yoga instructor and life coach Sanyika Calloway suggests you can do while seated for some inner peace. 


Or could the type of air you breathe during yoga affect your workout? Find out what The Doctors have to say about "Salt Yoga," which involves breathing in salt vapors while stretching