Social Distancing with Dr. Geoff Hayden on the The Doctors Podcast

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Playing Social Distancing with Dr. Geoff Hayden on the The Doctors Podcast

Dr. Travis Stork chats with his old Vanderbilt Medical School friend Dr. Geoff Hayden, associate professor of emergency medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital about coronavirus and the importance of social distancing. Plus, Dr. Hayden brings special insights from his dad, Dr. Fredrick Hayden, who is an infectious disease expert and consultant with World Health Organization and he's working on a treatment for coronavirus. Geoff shares that it was his dad who really made him aware of how serious this can become. 

Dr. Travis Stork shares that he's fired up because a lot of people still thinks this is a joke. He thinks it's time for everyone to get educated and know what resources are available in your community and you know nationally what's going on. Dr. Travis shares this is a longer term issue.

He shares that in two weeks things will not go back to normal. It's all about slowing the spread of the virus so that we can give the medical community time to react and respond. We need to give time for testing and for treatment. 

Listen as Dr. Travis and Dr. Geoff discuss social distancing, updates from the Geoff's dad who shared with Geoff that "he's terrified," and how far off treatments and vaccines are. Plus, they share some medical school stories about Travis' time being scouted for The Bachelor. 

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Stay informed on the latest information on the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization and learn about prevention methods and what to do if you are infected.

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