Smoothie Health Hack to Add More Fiber!

Playing Drs. Rx: Simple Smoothie Hack to Add More Fiber

Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? The Doctors share a simple health hack that can help you add this important nutrient to your next smoothie!

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They suggest adding cranberries, fresh or frozen, to your smoothie. ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork says that just 1 cup of cranberries supplies you with 16 percent of your daily dose of recommended fiber. Some benefits of fiber include:

  • Feeling fuller longer
  • Prevents blood sugar spikes
  • Acts a prebiotic and helps with beneficial gut bacteria

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In addition to being high in fiber, cranberries are also:

The Doctors warn against using dried cranberries or cranberry juice, which can be loaded with excess sugar, and suggest to always use the frozen or fresh version of the fruit. Get the recipe for this cranberry-filled smoothie.



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