Single? This May Make You More Attractive! Married? Study Says This Factor Determines Your Happiness!

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Psychologist Dr. Courtney Warren joins The Doctors to share some very interesting findings from relationships studies. The first one is for you singles out there. One study found that women find men more attractive after eating spicy foods. In the study, women were given either cookies, potato chips, or spicy jalapeño snack chips and then shown images of men.

The woman who ate the spicy chips found the men more attractive and were more romantically interested than the people who ate the cookies or the potato chips. Comedian Bill Engvall jokes that he’s skeptical, "Bring out spicy Cheetos on a date and it’s probably over!" OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry says, “Maybe if a guy is really trying to impress a female, take her to a restaurant that serves spicy food!”

Next up, Dr. Warren talks about two studies involving married people. A study out of Georgia State University affirms that marriage does make people happier, but only for couples who earn less than $60,000 per year. Dr. Warren says this is based on the idea that when you are struggling financially, you really need your partner. As you make more money, the theory is, you don’t need each other in the same way.

Furthermore, Dr. Warren says that money gives you more freedom. When you don’t have as much, it’s hard to think about higher order needs like “Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? Am I happily married?” When you have more money, you may have more time to ask these questions and possibly stray from the relationship. The study actually found that as you make more money people who are single have fewer depressive symptoms than those who are married! But one perk to marriage, a study found that you are more likely to identify melanoma early.

Dr. Nita shares that for those who were married, 46% had stage 1 melanoma. The chance of catching the disease dropped 32% for singles, 38% if divorced, and 70% if the person is a widow.

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When you are married, you have a second set of eyes who sees you on a regular basis and can look for changes in your skin. And also, you have social support; someone to encourage you to get something checked out. Regardless of your marital status, always see a dermatologist and look out for the ABCDEs for any moles on your body (asymmetrical, border, color, diameter, evolving).