Signs of Workout Success Unrelated to the Scale


Are you exercising consistently, but the number on the scale is not changing? Before you throw in the towel and plant yourself on the couch in despair, learn about the signs your workouts are having a positive effect on your health that have nothing to do with how much you weigh.

Of course, it's natural to focus on your weight when embarking on a weight loss journey, but CNN's experts encourage you to celebrate the "non-scale victories" that come with consistent exercise, noting that more physical fitness in your life can lead to improvements in mood, behavior, self-esteem, and self-satisfaction.

So if the scale is stuck on the same weight, consider these alternative signs your workout is a success.

Looser clothing - A sign of a successful workout routine is looser clothing (especially pants) because often when you lose weight and gain muscle your core (Watch our great 60-second core workout!) can become more defined and toned, but your overall weight might not change.

Tighter bra fit - CNN notes just like looser pants, being able to tighten your bra more is an indicator your workouts are working. Exercises and workouts that focus on using the bench presses, doing push-ups, and chest flies can benefit this area of the body and you will likely get more toned and sculpted on your upper body.

Increased energy - Being more active during your day will usually cause you to feel more energized and helps the body to produce endorphins (the hormones the body releases during exercise) which can reportedly help to boost your mood and sleep better.

Boosted endurance - When beginning a new workout routine it may feel hard to accomplish your exercise goals, but CNN notes that after 10 days of consistent training reaching your workout milestones should become easier and you will likely see improvements in how hard you can work out and for how long.

Fewer sugar cravings - Getting more exercise can help the body release the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin, which (for some) can replace the feeling we get when we indulge in a sugary item. So, if you are feeling better, moving more, eating fewer high-calorie sugary foods -- all these factors should eventually help you reach your weight loss goal.

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