Signs of a Psychopath

Dr. Judy Ho
Dr. Judy Ho

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho details the signs of a psychopath. The "Stop Self-Sabotage: Six Steps to Unlock Your True Motivation, Harness Your Willpower, and Get Out of Your Own Way" author says these traits could be classic signs you have a psychopath in your life:

They give too much too soon: For example, after just one date they might tell you, "You're the one."

They will capitalize on personal information or vulnerability: She says people who have experienced a personal loss (like death or tragedy) or suffer from low self-esteem could be preyed upon by a psychopath.

They will shower you with excessive compliments: She says it might feel great to hear a compliment from a suitor, but be leery of an empty compliment or compliments that seem excessive.

They will isolate you: Dr. Judy suggests if you believe this is happening to reach out to loved ones to help you get a fresh perspective on the situation.

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So if you determine you are dating a psychopath, what should you do to distance yourself? Dr. Judy suggests:

If you uncover a lie, call them out on the lie: She feels this will cause them to leave as they will not want to be challenged.

Extricate yourself slowly from their life: Dr. Judy says when a psychopath does not feel in control or outsmarted, they will lose interest and will move on.

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Find out more about her book "Stop Self-Sabotage."

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