Should Your In-Laws Be in the Delivery Room for The Birth of Your Baby?

Giving birth is a momentous life event -- but just who should be allowed in the delivery room?

The Doctors weigh in on a viewer dilemma regarding the upcoming birth of her child and whether her in-laws need to be present in the room for the delivery. She explains her husband wants his parents included, but she says she does not want them in the room.

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We asked our viewers what they would do in this scenario and 35% said they would allow their in-laws in the room and 65% said they would not. Our viewers noted that giving birth can be a very stressful situation and questioned why the husband would be making such a request, especially if the wife is against it. 

So how should this mom-to-be handle this dilemma?

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 "He should not be imposing this [demand] on her," Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra says, adding that she believes the husband should have intervened when his parents asked to be included and never allow the situation to become an issue for his wife.

The Doctors suggest a compromise would be allowing the in-laws to come in the room after the delivery and only when the wife felt comfortable.

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