Should You Worry About a Yellow Tongue?

Playing Yellow Tongue Spot Explained!

A viewer writes to The Doctors wondering why he often gets yellow spots on his tongue. Ear, nose, and throat expert and specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon explains it's probably a harmless buildup of dead cells. It could be due to a switch in the microbiome and shifting of bacteria. That bacteria could give that pigment look to the tongue.

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Author of "The 17 Day Diet," expert Dr. Mike Moreno agrees that it has to do with the natural bacteria we have. The tongue is an oral mucosa and changes in what you eat, drink, or other effects on the immune system could cause the yellow spots on the tongue.

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Dr. Mike says this is typically not something to worry about but the tongue can tell you a lot about what is going on inside. There's a reason your doctor says "open up" at an exam! ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork notes yellowing of other body parts, the eyes or skin, is something that is more concerning and should be shown to a doctor.

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