Should You Try Marijuana in Your Beauty Products?

Playing CBD Beauty Products Put to The Test!

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer joins The Doctors to discuss the CBD trend making its way to the beauty aisle. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that has been getting buzz for its calming properties as well as its medicinal uses. Is it good for the skin as well?

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Dr. Emer explains there are studies that show CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can be good for acne, eczema, and even medical skin conditions like psoriasis. The Doctors had two products they wanted to try out and the question is, do they improve collagen and tighten the skin for a bright youthful look? 

Dr. Emer says there are fatty acids in CBD oil which help hydrate the skin and make it look plumper, so it potentially could give the results desired! The Doctors want to find out so they had two women test out products by L’Fleur by House of Gro. Hailee tried out an eye detox that claims to depuff eyes with CBD, chaga mushrooms and essential oils. 

Hailee loved it! She says it goes on very smoothly and you can dab the oily substance on before your makeup. “I noticed within an hour.” She says, typically, her eyes are puffy until around noon when she wakes after little sleep but after using this product the puffiness was gone much earlier! Dr. Emer explains a lot of these products have vasoconstrictive properties helping with the blood circulation in that area, and along with the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD, it removes the puffy eye look.

Shereen tried the next L’Fleur product called “Skin Fix,” which promises to give a dewy glowing look with a highlighter. She liked the product although wasn’t a fan of the smell. She put the product all over her skin and really enjoyed how soft it made it feel!

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Dr. Emer is on board for the myriad of uses for CBD. “If you can improve the look of the skin and help internally the joints or other issues people have, why not?” he says. There are issues with CBD products in that you don’t know exactly how much of the active ingredient is really in there. It’s unregulated so companies can claim there is a certain amount, yet you may not know if that is true. You can spend hundreds of dollars on actually very little CBD. 

Dr. Emer thinks continual testing of these products is the best way to fix this. He estimates the cost for a decent, everyday CBD beauty product could range from about $25-100. If there is a higher amount of the active ingredient, they could be even more. 

Dr. Emer advises patients with all substances that are not medical grade, like CBD oil, to first do a patch test by putting a small amount of the product behind their ear and on their arm every day for about a week, to make sure they don’t have an adverse reaction.


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