Should You DIY a Blood Facial?

Playing DIY Blood Facial Dangers!

Kim Kardashian made the blood facial go viral when she posted a photo of herself on social media. The facial she got involved micro-needling using plasma from her own blood. The cost of the facial? Not cheap! It's around $1500. One blogger decided to create a DIY version and shared her how-tos with her readers. 

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The blogger listed everything people would need to purchase including hypodermic needles and syringes and a centrifuge! "That sounds all kind of dangerous," comments OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork agrees and to bring in another expert, they ask plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta, who joins on Skype.

Dr. Mendieta too, believes this is a dangerous idea! He explains some possible problems that can occur. With the act of drawing blood alone, there is potential for someone to injure themselves by stabbing a nerve or an artery. Sterility of the environment in which this is being done is also a concern. Contamination could occur causing severe bacterial infections. There is a chance a viral infection could disseminate through the entire face and cause severe disfigurement!

Dr. Mendieta says doing something like this is rolling the dice and there is a reason why doctors and trained professionals exist. He says in his own practice, he says anywhere from 20-30 percent of the cases are a cause of DIY treatments gone wrong! 

If you are looking to do some at-home treatments, Dr. Mendieta suggests using a derma roller over hyaluronic acid. You are trying to stimulate the collagen to get a better texture and using these tools that are meant for at-home use are a much better and safer idea. 

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Dr. Travis acknowledges treatments like the blood facial are expensive but warns that it's better to spend money up front and have proper care than have to spend thirty times as much on the backend to fix problems from your DIY treatment. You only get one face, don't mess it up!

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