Should You Date After a Breakup?

Playing Tips to Start Dating Again After a Breakup

The Doctors are joined by clinical psychologist expert Dr. Cortney Warren to help Didi, an audience member, with her breakup. Didi just got out of a 20-year relationship and she wants advice on how to "dip her toe back into the dating pond."

Dr. Warren explains the difficulty after a breakup. "One of the hardest things about breakups is that your whole life changes. Your ex isn't there anymore, you might have to move, the routine of your day is totally different and then there is how you feel about your ex. There's grieving that and getting over that. While all of that drama is happening you have to recreate yourself as a single person and start fresh."

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Dr. Warren continues to point out all the questions a newly single person may ask themselves like "Who am I?" and "What do I want to do with myself now?" Dr. Warren thinks more important than dating right away is focusing on yourself and feeling okay. 

The Doctors are also joined by chiropractor and former "Bachelorette" contest Dr. Bryan Abasolo who agrees with Dr. Warren. "You should definitely work on yourself spiritually, mentally and physically." He points out if you jump into another relationship it's not fair to you or the person you are dating. He says it's okay to date and have fun, but really work on yourself so you can give your all when you get into the next relationship

Psychotherapist expert Dr. Mike Dow gives some encouraging advice to Didi, "There's a lid to every pot. Go out there and remember there is a lid to the beautiful, intelligent pot that you are!" 

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Dr. Warren also discusses being friends with an ex and says immediately after a break-up space is needed. It's possible down the line to have a friendship, or maybe not, but for the time being, Didi needs abstinence and space to reinvent herself.

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