Should You Be Eating Tiger Nuts and Coffee Flour?

Playing Are You Eating the Trendy Foods of 2018?

Max Lugavere, nutrition trend expert and author of “Genius Foods,” joins The Doctors to weigh in on some of the trendiest foods of the year. He helps us decide if you need to add these popular items to your diet.

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Tiger Nuts: Max says there are neither nuts or come from tigers. He explains they are tubers (or roots) and grow in the ground. He says they are helpful for your gut health. He recommends not eating too many at a time, as they are packed with fiber and can cause gas and bloating.

Coffee flour: He this is a product made from the fruit of the coffee plant, which was previously thrown away, but now some people are utilizing. He explains when the fruit is dried it is "good for you" and he tells The Doctors it is full of fiber, protein, and iron. He suggests using coffee flour in baking as a low-carb alternative. He also likes using coffee flour in smoothies.

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Max says that he likes both of these foods because they can help you stay full longer -- due to the fiber and protein -- and just might make you indulge a little less.