Should Teens Get Screened Yearly for Depression?

Playing Annual Depression Screenings for Teens?

The Doctors welcome psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow to discuss how The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that everyone 12 years and older should be screened annually for depression.

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Dr. Dow is glad that something is being done to address the rise in depression among young people, especially for teen girls, whose suicide rates since 2007 have doubled. He also notes that 2 out of 3 kids with depression are not diagnosed and are never treated.

So how can parents determine if their child is dealing with depression as opposed to simply having a bad day? He suggests looking for these warning signs:

  • Using the words “stressed,” and “down”
  • Exhibiting behaviors like excessive sleeping and acting out
  • Saying they are sick often and trying to avoid going to school
  • Avoiding friends

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He also notes that a depressive episode will last 2 weeks or more, and should not be confused with just the normal bad day, which is common for many people.