Should Photo Filters Be Banned from Dating Websites and Apps?

Playing Dating Sites Banning Filtered Profile Pics?

Are you someone who uses filters on your photos for your online dating profiles? Your enhanced images are about to be a thing of the past on certain dating sites.

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The dating website Plenty of Fish says it plans to use artificial intelligence software to remove all filtered photos from their platform. A recent survey of the website's users revealed that 70% of them feel filtered photos are deceptive. The company also owns the dating app Tinder and the dating website OKCupid. 

We asked our audience, “Would you leave a date after realizing the person's dating profile picture was heavily filtered?“ A majority, 71 percent, said yes they would leave the date if they found out the person they were meeting was using a heavily filtered photo.

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The panel feels that slight altering of minor details is acceptable, but agree that if you show up on a date and the person looks nothing like their photo, then it becomes a case of false advertising.


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