Should Mental Health Education Be Required in Schools?

Playing Mental Health Education in Schools?

Most schools require physical education, but is it time we address the health of our young people's minds? The Doctors discuss whether mental health education should be part of children's education.

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The Doctors explain how New York has become the first state with legislation requiring the incorruption of mental health education for all grade levels. The state is hoping to make mental health integral to one's overall health and give students the tools to cope with mental health disorders.

The panel applauds the efforts of New York, with plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon saying, "It's addressing a real medical issue." He goes on to note that 1 out 5 American kids are dealing with a mental disorder, which is more than the number of kids with diabetes, cancer, and HIV combined.

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They also feel this could help to dispell the stigma that some have when it comes to asking for help with a mental health issue. The Doctors also note that currently, the majority of young people with mental health issues are not able to get the support they need and studies have shown that those who receive mental health education are more likely to get care.