Should Kids Have Homework Therapists?

Playing Is Excessive Homework Harming Children?

The Doctors discuss a growing trend in which homework therapists are employed to play the role of both tutor and therapist. The Doctors are joined by psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow who is not on board with this!

Homework therapists are paid anywhere from $200-600 for 50-75 minutes per session. In addition to the in-person sessions, the therapist will text kids encouraging messages like, “Be positive today! Get ready for that midterm! You can do it!”

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Dr. Dow finds issue with this because most of these people are not trained therapists. Additionally, he believes therapy is for people who actually need help, for example, those with anxiety disorders, mental illnesses, PTSD… not kids who just have everyday homework to do!

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon acknowledges the competitive nature surrounding children these days, often instilled upon them by their parents. Dr. Dow does recognize that teen depression rates are going up; in 2005 the rate was 8.7% and in 2015 it increased to 12.7%. He says helicopter parenting, where parents do so much for their kids that they are incapable of doing anything on their own, as part of the problem.

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“The bottom line is, let kids be kids! Let them walk to the park, let them get dirty, let them learn the hard way. If they don’t do their homework, they’re going to pay for,” Dr. Ordon concludes.

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