Should Kids Drink Plant-Based Milk?

Playing New Drink Guidelines for Kids: Should Plant-Based Milk Be Avoided?

Is plant-based milk a healthy option to give children?

The Doctors welcome pediatrician Dr. Dafna Ahdoot to discuss which milk kids should be drinking and discusses the recently released guidelines regarding plant-based milk.

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She explains it is fine to give children plant-based milk and suggests soy or almond milk. She says that parents should make sure the soy milk is organic and fortified with the nutrients that whole milk has, like calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and phosphorus. 

Dr. Ahdoot says the important takeaway she wants parents to understand is to not use plant-based milk which has too many additives or extra sugars. 

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The Doctors remind parents to always check with their pediatrician or family doctor before changing up a child’s milk.

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