Shots of Health for Digestion, Sleep, Pain and More!

Playing Drs. Rx: Feeling Stressed? Try This Smoothie

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork believes that "food can be your best medicine," and we take a look at some of our best "shot of health" segments that could help you feel your best.

For stress: The Doctors recommend a smoothie shot that contains strawberries, bananas, almonds, and almond milk. Dr. Travis says this can help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels and possibly help to boost your immune system. Get the recipe, here!

For better gut health: Dr. Travis says this shot -- with kombucha, raspberries, and ginger -- may help improve your digestion. Get the recipe, here!


For better sleep: The Doctors suggest a shot filled with banana, almond milk, nutmeg, and pumpkin seeds, which contain tryptophan and zinc and may help you sleep better. Get the recipe, here!


For your aches and pains: Could your pain be eased with a simple recipe of cherry juice and turmeric, which The Doctors explain contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, which can help with joint pains. Simply mix turmeric with the juice and enjoy.


For better sex!?: Could a shot help you in the bedroom? This shot contains coconut water, blackberries, figs, and cloves, which may help to increase blood flow and help boost energy levels -- both of which The Doctors says can be helpful in the bedroom. Get the recipe, here!  


For a hangover: If you have one too many drinks and wake up feeling hungover, The Doctors explain you just might need another shot -- but not one with alcohol. They suggest a shot of coconut water, ginger, honey, and turmeric. They say the shot is hydrating, contains potassium, and also may help with nausea. Get the recipe, here


For brain health: The Doctors say according to research, a daily shot of beet juice an hour before exercising can have benefits on the aging brain. Get the recipe, here!