A Sheet Mask for Your Baby Bump?

Playing Can Baby Bump Sheets Prevent Stretch Marks?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shares her thoughts on a product that is similar to the trendy sheet masks for the face but this one is for the belly of a pregnant woman. The company Hatch Mama has created “The Belly Mask” as a way to hydrate the skin on a woman’s baby bump claiming to help prevent stretch marks. 

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Dr. Batra says there are good hydrating ingredients in the mask and hydration is useful to improve the skin’s elasticity. However, the rate at which you gain weight as well as a genetic predisposition are much more likely to determine if you have stretch marks. The mask is fun but at $12 a pop, Dr. Batra says it’s a “bust!” She suggests buying a great moisturizer that you can use every day that will hydrate just as well.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry agrees this product isn’t worth the money as well as those two factors, weight gain and genetics, are much greater indicators of stretch marks. She also adds that if you already have stretch marks on your breast or thighs you will probably get them in the ab area as well when pregnant. Dr. Nita reminds pregnant ladies, “You grew a human being, congratulations! Love your post-pregnancy body!”

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