Severe Acne Is Ruining This Woman’s Life

Playing Severe Hormonal Acne Is Ruining Woman’s Life

Shannon shares with The Doctors that her once flawless skin is now covered in acne ever since she was forced to go off birth control. Shannon says the birth control was causing lesions on her liver but now her skin has paid the price.

Shannon is in tears as she tells The Doctors her acne is affecting her social life. She says she avoids seeing her friends as well as meeting new people. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra lets Shannon know she is not alone! 

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Dr. Batra explains the hormones in birth control were suppressing Shannon’s own hormonal production. Now without the birth control, Shannon’s androgens or male hormone (that we all have) are responsible for her lower-face and jawline cystic, under-the-surface breakouts.

While Shannon has tried a lot of creams without much avail, Dr. Batra says there is a pill she can take that is non-hormonal, called spironolactone. This pill is actually a blood pressure medication but it has a side effect of blocking the effects of androgen hormones on the skin.  

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In the meantime, if Shannon isn’t ready to take pills, Dr. Batra says she can do chemical peels to help fix the blemishes and marks left behind from acne, common with her darker complexion. There are also laser treatments which will not only settle the inflammation but also kill the bacteria involved in acne.

The Doctors want Shannon to know there is hope and to help her, Richmond Dermatology and Laser Specialist has offered Shannon a complementary treatment for her acne.