Self-Defense Tips to Prevent an Attack

Playing Self-Defense to Stop an Attack

An assault occurs every 98 seconds and OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry heads to a self-defense class to learn about moves and tips on how to possibly stop an attack and defend herself.

She meets with self-defense trainers Chris Britto and Cole Parker from Divas in Defense.

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The trainers explain that taking a defensive stance, yelling and striking can be an effective first option in stopping an attack. They also suggest scratching the face and landing a knee in the groin area of an attacker can also help.

Joining the panel, Chris and Cole recommend tips on how to possibly prevent ever being involved in an attack in the first place, suggesting that while walking down the street to stay off your phone, don't use your headphones and look around at your surroundings.

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Chris and Cole say the most common place for an attack is in your home, additionally locations like parking lots, running trails and college campuses are areas to be mindful of.

After taking the class Dr. Nita says, "If I can do it, anyone can do it." She says she feels that both men and women could benefit from a self-defense class and she feels the techniques she learned were practical and not super complicated. She adds, "The moves could literally save your life."