The Secrets to Get Six-Pack Abs

Playing Six-Pack Secrets

Noah and Eugene are two examples that it is never too late to transform your life and your body.

Noah, who says he previously was a binge drinker and overeater, lost a whopping 190 pounds and now has a ripped body and impressive abs. Eugene tells us his doctors warned him that his blood pressure was dangerously high and they feared it could cut his life short. He was able to lose a dramatic amount of weight and now has a six-pack (or maybe it's even an eight-pack!) of abs.

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Both Eugene and Noah credit their new bodies with what they put in them, stressing that food was vital in their weight loss journeys. 

"Abs are made in the kitchen. You can do whatever you want outside and in the gym and working out, but if your nutrition isn't there it is not going to work." Noah shares.

Eugene tells The Doctors that he never lets his schedule get in the way of continuing to eat healthily. He suggests prepping your meals at the beginning of the day in order to avoid having to settle for an unhealthy food choice.

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"Prepare ahead," he suggests.

Find out what Dr. Travis suggests to do in order to make your abs look their best -- and you'll even get a peek at his rocking abs!