Save Your Love Life with a Quiz?

Playing Do You Have Dating Disasters on Repeat?

Are your dating mishaps and disasters repeating themselves with each new person in your life? A simple quiz just might save your love life!

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Anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher created the Anatomy of Love Personality Quiz, which breaks down people into 4 major love types based on hormone makeup

  • Directors: whose dominate hormone is testosterone
  • Builders: who are lead with serotonin
  • Negotiators: who are fueled with estrogen
  • Explorers: who are dominate in dopamine

Dr. Fisher believes that identifying your love type can help you weed out the incompatible matches based on their chemical makeup -- but what do The Doctors and Dr. Drew Pinsky, former host of "Love Line," think of this theory?

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Viewer Natalie -- who says she continues to date the wrong guy again and again -- took the quiz. Find out what Dr. Drew thinks Natalie can do to break her dating disaster cycle and why he tells her, "Do not mistake intensity for love, intensity is not love... listen for butterflies not lightning bolts" in the video below. Take the Anatomy of Love Personality Quiz!


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