Save Your Eyesight with This Simple Trick!

Playing Drs. Rx: Help Save Your Eyesight in Just 20 Seconds!

If you're one of the many who stares at their smartphone or computer all day, you could be hurting your eyes. Doing so can put a strain on the eyes leaving them tired, dry, and blurred vision. The Doctors share a simple routine you should incorporate into your everyday life: the 20/20/20 rule!

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Every 20 minutes, shift your eyes and look at an object about 20 feet away, and look for about 20 seconds! This gives your eyes a break. "Unfortunately we didn't do it enough," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork jokes since all three of the hosts wear contact lenses and/or glasses.

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According to the American Academy of Opthalmology, we normally blink 15 times per minute but when we look at our digital screens we only blink about a third of that! That is why our eyes get so fatigued and dry and why you should give the 20/20/20 rule a try!

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