Row Your Way to a Great Body!

Playing Row Your Way to Better Body?

Fitness coach and world champion rower Josh Crosby joins The Doctors to talk about one of the latest fitness trends, rowing. Josh explains it has come about because people are looking for alternate forms of cardio and rowing packs “a mean punch!” Rowing combines both cardio and strength training in one, it can increase flexibility, and it is low-impact. 

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Viewers Alex and Kate are on the rowers to learn how it’s done. Josh explains he uses a 3x3 formula. You push back with your legs, then lean back with the core, and then pull with the arms. Then, reverse the moves on the way in: arms, core, legs. Josh says to take the heavy load with the legs to avoid straining your lower back. 

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks Josh about how to grip the handle. Josh says the hold should be shoulder-width apart. He says this opens up the chest and lungs to allow air in. Travis then asks if Josh mixes up his grip or always uses an overhand one. “Rowing is overhand grip. If you want to work maybe more your biceps, I say go lift some weights,” answers Josh. 

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Josh says you can burn anywhere from 400 to 800 calories per hour, and he has even seen a burn of over 1000 calories when he goes steady and strong for an hour. So, it’s time for them to get that burn! With the music cranked up, Josh tells Alex and Kate they are going to row in sync, as if they are in a boat, racing for that gold!