Rocco Dispirito’s Healthy Recipe for Comedian Louie Anderson’s Favorite Childhood Meal

Playing How Louie Anderson Is Striving to Make Better Food Choices

The Doctors are joined by two best-selling authors, chef Rocco DiSpirito and comedian Louie Anderson! In Louie’s book, “Hey Mom,” he speaks about his addiction to food. He says growing up with an alcoholic father, whenever something bad happened, his mother would feed him afterward. Food became a reward system after stressful situations. 

Louie says that even bigger than this country’s opioid addiction is its food addiction. He attributes this to processed foods saying he doesn’t blame anyone but this country needs a movement and he believes it should start with kids in schools. 

Rocco recognizes that people soothe themselves with food. He has made a variation of one of Louie’s favorite childhood foods, “sketti,” to illustrate just how good low-carb alternatives to classics can be! 

Louie says he was addicted to “sketti” which is pasta with ketchup and butter! Rocco says the idea of tomato and butter together is a classic sauce and he makes his Pomodoro in the blender. He adds grass-fed butter, about 200 calories worth, to the sauce explaining that it’s less about overall calories and more about the empty calories from carbs and sugar that should be a concern.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry explains grass-fed butter contains MTC fats which will actually suppress your appetite and rev up your metabolism. It’s not like throwing any-ole butter in there! Louie asks about fake butter products and Rocco says not to use them. He explains they are synthetically manmade and use highly processed oils and even have a harmful chemical in them called hexane. Rocco says you are much better off using olive oil, extra virgin and organic if possible. 

Rocco’s “sketti” is actually made from egg whites and his protein powder. He puts the batter in a squeeze bottle and squeezes it into a pot of water to make noodles! He then adds the “sketti” to the sauce and tops it with some Parmesan-Reggiano (which doesn’t contain whey making it easier to digest for those with dairy intolerance). He even throws in some garlic chips for some added flavor.

Watch: Rocco's Healthy + Delicious Recipes

Unlike typical pasta which can have about 600 calories, Rocco’s healthy “sketti” has only 128 calories (without the butter which adds about 50-60 calories), 6g carbs, 20g protein and 0g added sugar! Dr. Nita points out that Louie is like her; they want to eat healthily but the food has to taste good! Luckily, Rocco’s does!

Rocco shares one more recipe from his book, “Rocco’s Healthy and Delicious,” his Italian Sloppy Joes. It contains Bolognese sauce made with turkey, his Pomodoro sauce, and those are sandwiched between two mushroom caps. Louie is impressed as are The Doctors! Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says he is getting a bread fix from those mushrooms. A regular sloppy joe could be 600-1200 calories and this one is under 200! 

For the perfect evening, whip up Rocco’s recipes found here and then watch Louie on FX’s “Baskets” or his new standup special “Big Underwear.”

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