Is the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Linked to Your Father?

Playing Ovarian Cancer Genes Inherited from Father?

The Doctors are joined by oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro to discuss new research about ovarian cancer and how it may be linked to your father.

According to the research, the genetic mutation which causes ovarian cancer may be inherited from your father. He explains there are a number of genes which increase the cause of this type of cancer and can be transmitted by someone's mother and also their father. He says the study found that one type of abnormal gene can be transmitted on the X chromosome from someone's father.

He notes this is important as this type of cancer can be deadly as it hard to detect early, explaining the overall survival rate of ovarian cancer is only 45 percent.

The panel discusses possible sigs of ovarian cancer which include:

  • Abdominal bloating that does not have an explanation 
  • An increase of abdomen size without an apparent cause
  • Weight gain that is unexplained and seemingly not due to lifestyle

Dr. Piro says many people they mistake these symptoms for something else. The Doctors note that if you have symptoms that are persistent and unexplained to speak your healthcare provider or doctor.

Watch the video below to find out more about myths regarding cancer including important information about skin cancer rates and whether a sedentary lifestyle can lead to cancer.