Revitalize Your Closet with These Inexpensive Fashion Fixes!

Playing 1-Minute Fashion Fixes!

The Doctors senior investigative producer (and fashionista) Leslie Marcus joins The Doctors to share four tips to inexpensively breed life into items that are already in your closet. 

Tip #1: Replace your purse handles with jewelry!
When bags start to deteriorate, the handle often goes first. Leslie explains many manufacturers often skimp on the handle when making bags. You can easily replace that handle with either an old necklace chain you may have, or you can purchase a replacement chain online for only about eight dollars! Simply pop off the old handle and attach a new chain, which by the way, is very on trend right now.

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Tip #2: Give your leather purses shape with package cushioning!
That inflated package cushioning that comes with many online orders to protect items during shipping can also protect the life of your purse. Leslie suggests using that cushioning, instead of tossing it, to stuff your bags, which will hold their shape. 

Tip #3: Add holes to your belt to get in on the high-waisted pants trend!
High-waisted pants make your figure look more like an hourglass and you can see the look all over the place. To get in on the action, you’ll need your belt to sit a bit higher and likely need to add a hole to it. Leslie found a hole puncher for your belt online which will allow you to do just that.

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Tip #4: Use an attachable belt loop to hold your belt end in place.
You’ve gotten the belt to fit around your waist, but now the end of the belt is just hangin’ there. To fix this problem, Leslie found attachable belt loops, which are little wires covered in leather-like material, that you can wrap around the end of the belt to hold it in place. For only $10, you’ve got yourself a high-fashion look!