Results of Eight-Week Booty Challenge With Andrea Speir

Playing Build a Better Booty in Just 8 Weeks – The Results!

Eight weeks ago, three women came to The Doctors asking for help improving the appearance of their butts. Jessica disliked her flat butt, Savannah called hers “sad and saggy,” and Alina said she lost her curvaceous behind when she had a baby! Pilates and fitness expert Andrea Speir offered the women an eight-week program at her studio, Spier Pilates, promising to change their behinds. 

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The women return to share their results. Savannah says she lost 12 pounds! “Overall, I absolutely loved the classes, I loved that it was just a full body workout. Obviously, my booty did grow and I’m a lot stronger, but I’m a lot stronger all over.” Savannah plans to continue going to Andrea’s studio.

Alina too was a fan of the workout. She shares how she greatly improved from having to modify everything to by the end, doing the advanced versions of the moves. She too feels like her core is stronger and her booty plumped up!

Jessica says she loves how the exercises were targeted. She says it was really fun and enjoyable.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks if the ladies had a favorite exercise, and Savannah says the clamshell. This is the same exercise Andrea demonstrated last time she was on The Doctors and Dr. Travis says he’s still doing it! 

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