The Results Are In: Did This Device Deliver Tighter Abs and a Lifted Booty?

Playing Did Device Deliver Sculpted Abs and a Butt Lift?

The Doctors welcome back board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Kinney as well as the people who tested out the high-frequency electromagnetic device promising to deliver toned abs and a lifted butt. They join The Doctors to share their results.

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Norma’s before and after photos elicited tons of “Wows!” from the audience. Norma shares that she thought it was a spectacular procedure. “I think I look even better now. My posture is fantastic and it really helped. The feeling of it is like when you do an actual crunch.”

Gabriel too wanted to chisel his abs. He says this completely turned his core around and also helped with his posture. Gabriel says “It’s an awesome procedure. I feel 10 years younger."

Kiyra used the device on her butt and shares that it actually lifted it and she can see the difference. Anita too says she definitely feels it worked and that her butt is firmer and higher! She adds that she loves that the procedure is non-invasive and said it felt like a massage.

Dr. Kinney was happy with everyone’s results. He said he tries really hard to not promise that this is “working out without working out,” and he tends to take a more science-driven approach. He was surprised in their original study for the FDA that asides from toning muscles and seeing the chemical changes there, he also saw those changes in fat. The decrease in fat is a huge bonus. He adds that the testers are only a few weeks out from treatment and results will be even better about 2 months out from treatment.

The average treatment is about 6 sessions and Dr. Kinney says the cost is about $4,000. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says compared to plastic surgery the results are less dramatic, however, the cost is also less and there isn’t the actual risk of surgery. He thinks this is certainly another option.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork doesn’t want people to think this is a way to skip working out but asks the testers if it actually inspired them to work more on their bodies. Kiyra jumps in and says “Absolutely!" She said she went to her first Pilates class the other day and could feel that part of her butt start to lift.

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Dr. Kinney shares that there are minimal risks except for anyone with metal implants, including women with IUDs with copper. He’s had a few women with C-section scars say it hurts a little but most people don’t have problems!