Relieve Your Stress with These 5-Minute Self-Care Practices

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Are you stressed about not having enough time to manage your stress? What if we told you there are ways to de-stress and practice self-care in just 5 minutes!

“It’s important to take time off work and other responsibilities to pause, reflect and refresh, even if it’s just for five minutes. By taking these small self-care breaks, you’ll notice improvements in your mood, concentration, efficiency, and more,” psychiatry professor Jessica Gold tells HuffPo, who spoke to mental health professionals and experts who shared their 5-minute suggestions on how to potentially relieve some of your stress.

Deep breathing: Making sure you are properly breathing deeply and taking just 5 minutes to engage in deep breathwork can quickly help you de-stress, improve your mood and calm your racing mind. Learn about a breathing technique designed to help you move through feelings of stress from The Doctors.

Turn on music: HuffPo's experts say music can instantly lift your mood and suggest creating a self-care playlist filled with your favorite songs and when you're feeling stressed, take a few minutes and listen to your favorite song -- and maybe even try dancing! Also, find out how playing music can help with depression and anxiety from psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli.

Write down your stress: Journaling can help you get out some of your stress and leave it on the page -- which the experts say can help you relax and improve awareness. Get tips from The Doctors on how journaling can help you gain power during times of uncertainty. Also, the experts suggest creating a gratitude list (which you can write in your journal) as a way to deal with stress and anxiety

Read - even for just 5 minutes: Take a book break, or read something online that is uplighting or educational. HuffPo notes reading even for just a few minutes can help stimulate your brain and take your mind off of your stressors.

Take a short walk: You might not have time for a long walk, but even a short trip around the block, around the house, or the office can help improve your mental health. In addition to being great for your physical health, walking has been shown to help with depression as well. Plus, you might be surprised at how many steps you can get in just 5 minutes.

Allow more self-compassion: If you are having a rough patch, do not be too hard on yourself, say the experts. “Take a pause to just check in on yourself and validate how you’re feeling. Even if it’s just for five minutes, engaging in kind self-talk can make a positive difference in your overall well-being,” Gold tells HuffPo. Also, find out how a recent guest on The Doctors says you can reboot your negative thoughts in 30 days by practicing daily thankfulness, compassion, and kindness.

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