Red Flags When Looking at Nursing Homes

Playing Woman Claims Dad Was Unnecessarily Sedated at a Nursing Care Facility

The Doctors are joined by Patrice, who says she believes that her father had been drugged at a nursing home. Geriatrics and long-term care expert Cyndy Minnery joins The Doctors to discuss possible red flags to watch out for at facilities who care for the elderly.

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Patrice claims that after her father, who has dementia, was moved to a nursing home, she found his behavior unresponsive and says he was sleeping a lot. A fall landed him in the hospital, where she claims her family was told that her father had been taking a variety of medications that she says they were unaware of. She claims her dad was "a totally different person" after that point.   

As the population ages, many people will need to contend with getting their loved ones proper and safe care and Ms. Minnery details some red flags people can watch out for when it comes to choosing a senior care facility. Ms. Minnery suggests:

  • Visit the facility and look at the state of the patients
  • Smell the facility, she says if urine is present it could mean that urine is on the patients
  • Talk to the staff and other residents' family members to get a better understanding of the facility
  • Select a facility near your home if possible, so that you will be able to visit often
  • Diligently read the admission contract and get a copy of it

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Looking back, Patrice says her advice to others is, "Don't wait, substantiate," and says that if you see patients that appear to be heavily medicated she feels this is a red flag. She also notes that there are many online resources where a facility's track record and history can be reviewed.