Recipes to Turn off Your Hunger Hormones

Playing Foods to Make You Feel Less 'Hangry'

Celebrity nutritionist and wellness expert Kelly LeVeque says if you’re constantly hungry, can’t stop snacking, or have food-related mood swings, you’ve got food drama! Kelly joins The Doctors to share three recipes that will turn off your hunger hormones because each one contains “The Fab Four” – protein, fat, fiber and greens.

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Her first recipe is a shake that she promises tastes like Oreo cookies and cream! She uses protein powder, almond butter, flax meal, spinach and blueberries. Don’t worry, Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Bata confirms you can’t taste the spinach at all!

Next up is a recipe for stuffed turkey delicata squash. This recipe is great for lunch or dinner and comes pre-portioned in each half of the squash. Protein comes from the turkey meat, extra virgin olive oil provides fat, and celery, kale, onions and squash give those greens and fiber! Even OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry who did not expect to like it exclaimed "It’s good!”

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Kelly’s third dish is a vegan one which is a take on lasagna. The Italian butter bean bake contains pasta sauce, pesto, a nut-based cheese, and butter beans. Dr. Ordon loved this dish exclaiming that the butter beans are good and it gives you a meat-fix, similar to a Portobello mushroom.

Kelly tells people they can just look at their plates and see if their meal has all of the “Fab Four”. Get the full recipes here!