Reasons You Might Still Be Single!

Playing Could This Be Why You’re Still Single?

The Doctors welcome Tracy McMillan, author of “Why You're Not Married . . . Yet: The Straight Talk You Need to Get the Relationship You Deserve,” to help us try to figure out why you still have not found “the one.”

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Some mistakes she feels people are making that can lead to still being single include:

You’re a liar: She feels people are often lying to either themselves or the person they are dating about their relationship expectations. She suggests if you want a long-term relationship that you need to be upfront about it in the beginning.

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You’re a b****: She says bringing past baggage from a previous relationship can sabotage your current one. She suggests dropping your anger or defensiveness and go into the new relationship with an open mind and to know you’re still worthy and capable of love.

You’re shallow: She suggests not getting hung up on the outside and to focus on what is on the inside of the person. She says everything external changes, and she feels that a person’s character is most important when it comes to relationships.